Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Zazas Blog - December 2016

It's that time of year again. Time to put on my antlers, dig out the woolly jumper and switch on the festive lights! For Christmas will soon be upon us. The Winchcombe Advent Festival will be held on Tuesday 6th December this year. Be sure to take a look as theere will be late night shopping, live music, market stalls and festive food. It's a great opportunity to start your Christmas shopping or simply call by for a glass of mulled wine and some mince pies to get into the spirit!
This month, for a bit of festive fun, I have found a puzzle for you. Can you spot the badger within the herd of zebras?
Wishing everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Until ext year,

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Gather 'Round The Fire.....

Take a moment to study your fireplace as it's about to become one of the most important features within your home. Maybe you've already planned ahead and all the logs are stocked up, the chimney is swept and the mantle is Seasonally decorated just like your favourite pinterest inspiration. However if, like most of us, you have been denying the onset of Winter and the fact that the 'big day' is just a matter of weeks away, now may be the time to consider your chimneypiece.

Maybe you are looking to remodel your existing firesurround, have opened up a forgotten inglenook, or have finally got around to ripping out that dubious 1970's surround which has been there since you moved in; either way, a visit to Winchcombe Reclamation may be of help. Here are just a few things we can offer.....
Reclaimed Fire Surrounds
New Fire Surrounds

Lintel Beams

Hearth Stone
Grates & Accessories

Reclaimed Fire Surrounds: We stock a wide selecion of reclaimed fire surrounds from simple timber surrounds to large carved stone examples.
New Fire Surrounds: Should you be looking for new, we are stockists for Wessex Stone Fireplaces and have our own quarry who can produce something bespoke.
Lintel Beams: A reclaimed timber lintel is ideal to finish off a traditional fireplace. We carry an extensive stock of character beams, all of which have been hand processed and are ready to use.
Hearths: There are many options for hearths to be found. We can supply everything from natural stone flags, to bricks, tiles or slate.
Accessories: At this time of year we have a number of firebaskets, grates and fenders with which to dress your fireplace.

Zazas Blog - November 2016

This is not my phone number, bank account details, or passport number - this is my crime reference number (47th of the day !!!)
On Sunday 2nd of October, some 'scallies' broke in and stole my ten ton crane lorry (about the same size of two JCB's) then smashed through steel gates and away into the darkness.
I didn't even get a police visit but received a nice letter a week later offereing counselling and saying nothing more could be done.
So, this month, make sure that everything is locked away behind big gates and, most importantly, INSURED - This is where your crime reference number comes in......

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Zaza's Blog - October 2016

Peering through the mist and fog, I have been keeping an eye on everything going on here at Winchcombe Reclamation.               The yard has been busy lately with many new products arriving into stock including building materials such as bricks and stone and decorative items such as furniture and garden stoneware. I particularly like these staddlestones or stone 'mushrooms' which would look great as a garden feature or used to line a
October is definately a month of change with the clocks going back at the end of the month and the weather becoming more Autumnal (I'm due to have my tail checked this week to prevent losing it again should it be as blustery as last year!) It is also the month for all things spooky with Halloween on teh 31st and the guys in the yard here have already been scaring me with ghost stories so do keep your eyes open for strange things happening in and around Winchcombe.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Our Top 5 Buys For Autumn 2016:

2. Handcarved Sandstone Gardenware
1. Reclaimed Slates and Roofing Materials

3. Reclaimed Flagstones
4. Stone Copings
5. Fireplaces and Fittings

 1- Reclaimed slates and roofing materials: Autumn is the time of year to check over your roof to be sure it is sound to stand up to the elements. We have recently had a huge clear up in the yard here sorting through over 20,000nr slates, miles of ridge and countless tiles and fittings leaving us with well organised, easily accessible stock. So whether you are looking to replace a complete roof or simply making seasonal repairs just contact us with your requirements
2 - Handcarved Sandstone Gardenware: A beautiful range of solid stone gardenware. These traditional pieces are all handcarved in a solid sandstone which has proven to be resistant to the English weather.
3 - Reclaimed Flagstones: One of our favourites and definately one of our most popular materials. With hundreds of square meters available at any one time, there is plenty of choice - York, Cotswold Limestone, Sandstone, Portland, Pennant.......
4 - Stone copings: We have various batches of stone coping available from table coping for capping off you roof works to larger stone copings in a number of different widths and profile. This particular batch, in a rich coloured limestone, would cover a run of over 50meters
5 - Fireplaces and  Fittings: You will find a wide collection of fireplaces on offer both reclaimed and new along with fittings such as fenders and firebaskets - perfect for getting ready for those colder months to come....

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Zazas Blog - September

So, September is upon is bringing with it back to school blues and the onset of Autumn - I can't believe how quickly the year is passing! I've enjoyed a fantastic Summer here in Winchcombe, standing guard over the reclamation yard, looking over the fence and watching all that's going on.
I've particularly enjoyed spotting the different trains passing by on the GWSR steam line from Toddington. Recently, they have been extremely busy with the works to extend the railway line to Broadway and I understand that this is all 'on track' (pun intended!) to re-open in 2018. Exciting times.

Even more exciting is that they are expecting Thomas the tank engine to visit on the 24th & 25th of this month  - I shall definately be keeping an eye out to see if I can spot Thomas and friends as they cross the bridge on the Broadway Road!!